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woman cleaning windows

Posted on April 6th, 2016

Cleaning homes can be a hassle with all those confined spaces and narrow corners seeking your attention. Depending on the size of your dwelling, house cleaning can be very tiring (especially for those who return back from work, already drained). By the way, it is no lesser a nightmare scenario for stay-at-home parents.

A sensible approach would be to find ways to make it easy and time economical for you. Following are a few quick tips to save time by getting you more organized in your home cleaning approach. So here you go:

List all that needs to be done

Make a checklist of your cleaning actions to be sure that you do not miss out on anything that needs to be cleaned. This way, speed does not mean a sub-par job and your home gets a thorough clean every time.


Set your priorities for house cleaning depending upon the time and energy you have on a particular day. Calculate your available time and partition it into blocks – 15 minutes for vacuum, maybe the same again for your kitchen sink and countertops, a bit longer for toilet and bathroom surfaces etc. Utilizing blocks of time will set you back at first, but will help in the long run.

Work smartly with stains

Floor stains can be stubborn and usually take the longest in your house cleaning schedule (all that intensive scrubbing). They may be caused by spills or many other reasons. Whatever be the reason of their appearance, work smartly with them. Pouring on some refined white vinegar once every month on any tiled surface and letting it sit overnight, would help you in removing the stains in far less time than your usual rub and scrub method with soap or detergents.

The power of the exhaust

Mold can be serious trouble in your house and difficult to get rid of if you don’t take action. You have a secret weapon, your exhaust fan. Run the exhaust fan for 15 minutes with your windows open to aerate the room and save yourself from the hassle of fighting mold growth in wet places.

Towel up your most frequently cleaned objects

Your waste bins and microwave oven are usually the most greased up objects in your house. Lining up the bottom of your waste bins with absorbent towels would make sure that your carpet doesn’t get wet. This will work wonders on the speed of your cleaning and also odor control in general. Similarly, adding multiple layers of towels to your microwave base would ensure that no grease gathers on the floor of your microwave oven. You can pluck the top layer and the next in line remains to absorb the remnants of your next round of food while leaving no grease for you to clean.