15 House Cleaning Tasks You Can Do In Under 5 Minutes

Cover photo of cleaning glove

Posted on July 8th, 2016

What do you do when you have five minutes to spare? Do you idly browse Facebook, flip through the channels on TV, or start tapping your foot, impatiently waiting for your partner or child to hurry up and get ready?

Why not try cleaning instead?

If like most of us, you find yourself frustrated in equal measure by the many minutes you waste waiting around each day and how difficult it is to find a solid block of time to devote to house cleaning, you’ll be delighted to discover just how many necessary cleaning tasks can be completed in five minutes or less.

In The Kitchen:

1. Load the dishwasher or put away already-clean dishes.

2. Wipe down the top of your counters, your stove, and your table.

3. Wipe out the interior of your microwave.

4. Clean out the sink.

5. De-clutter the table and counters, put objects back in their proper places, and recycle any junk mail lying around.

In The Living Room:

6. Remove clutter such as books, magazines, toys, and articles of clothing, then arrange the couch cushions properly.

7. Dust off surfaces such as tabletops, lampshades, the television set, etc.

In The Bedroom:

8. Tidy up any clothing that’s lying around and/or put on a load of laundry.

9. Make your bed if you haven’t already done so.

10. Organize the items on your nightstand, vanity, and/or dresser.

In The Bathroom:

11. Spot clean and polish the mirror.

12. Quickly wipe out the bathtub and sink to keep soap scum from accumulating.

13. De-clutter the counter and/or organize the cabinet under the sink.

15. Empty the wastebasket and wipe up any dust and grime that have settled around the wastebasket and toilet.

Once you have gotten into the habit of filling in formerly “idle” time with quick and easy cleaning tasks, you will not only notice that your house has become much cleaner, you’ll also feel more productive—and probably be more patient with that one family member who seems to take forever to get ready in the mornings or make it down to the dinner table.

However, if (despite your best efforts) you find that you still don’t have enough time to clean, it may be time to consider calling in a professional cleaning service. If you lack so much as five or ten free minutes during your busy days, then what precious little spare time you do have should be spent relaxing and letting someone else do the cleaning up.