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Posted on December 11th, 2018

Trust is important in any relationship, whether it’s personal or professional… And it’s especially important when you’re planning to invite someone into your home. If you’re thinking about hiring a domestic cleaner to help you take care of your residence, trust is therefore probably at the forefront of your mind. How do you find someone you can rely on to show up on time, do a good job, and uphold strong ethical values? It’s not as difficult as you might think: Through a mix of online research and having the right evaluation skills, you can find the best professionals in your area—without breaking your budget. Below, we’ll discuss some of the key points to consider when hiring a housecleaner:

6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Domestic Cleaner

1. How well does the cleaning company communicate with their customers?

The way any business communicates with their clients says a lot about their level of professionalism. When you contact a cleaning company, they should reply to you promptly (i.e., within 24 hours on weekdays) and maintain a polite, polished, and informative tone. If a cleaner seems difficult to get in touch with, or refuses to provide concise details about their fees and services, it’s probably best to choose someone else.

2. Are their rates in line with the industry average?

Though “too good to be true” prices can be alluring, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for. While it’s true that professional cleaning is more affordable than ever before—and some small businesses offer great deals—a cleaner that is charging far below average industry rates should be approached with trepidation. Professional cleaners have a lot of overhead costs (like expensive cleaning equipment) to factor into their rates, so someone who is charging very little may not have the training or tools needed to get the job done right. Look up the hourly rates that housecleaners generally charge in your area and choose a service that doesn’t undercut them significantly.

3. How flexible and upfront are they?

A good cleaning company will do their best to work within your schedule, rather than trying to make you sign a long-term contract for daily cleaning (if that’s not what you want). They should be willing to help you out only on weekends or specific evenings, if that’s what you prefer, and tailor any service agreement accordingly. They should also work with you to clarify exactly what services they will be performing and what the fees for those services are. You should never be confronted with unexpected “hidden” costs at a later date.

4. Do they have good reviews?

Great reviews generally mean great service—but only if they’re authentic and verifiable. Remember that some types of reviews, like on-site testimonials, can easily be faked. Before committing to hiring a housecleaner, you should therefore make sure the business you’re interested in has a number of positive reviews across different online directories. Check out services like Google business reviews, Angie’s List, and Yelp to get an accurate idea of the service quality you can expect. Alternately, if you live in a small town (where businesses may lack numerous online reviews), you can ask for word of mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues.

5. What’s their online presence like?

In this digital day and age, it’s very rare to come across an experienced, legitimate business of any kind that doesn’t have a professional-looking website and a social media presence. Domestic cleaning businesses are no different: A serious housecleaner will have a polished, detailed website that displays their contact information clearly. They should also have at least some social media presence, even if it’s just a Facebook page. Social media has become a valuable customer service channel, so it’s no longer considered entirely optional.

6. Does your cleaner have their own equipment?

As alluded to above, legitimate cleaning businesses invest in professional-grade cleaning equipment and supplies. They should own high-powered vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters, hot water extraction carpet cleaners, etc. Most will also bring their own cleaning solutions, but this isn’t always the case: Some homeowners prefer to have their cleaner use their own favorite products, and this should be fine, too. Many cleaning companies also offer the option of using “green” cleaning products that are safer for kids and pets while being less harmful to the environment.

By taking these seven simple steps, you can select the right cleaner to meet your needs while safeguarding your property and your finances. From there, you can build an excellent working relationship that provides you with peace of mind and a sparkling clean home. Once that happens, the only question you’ll be asking yourself is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”