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Posted on August 28th, 2019

Balancing business and personal obligations is highly challenging and tiring, especially if you have a family to take care of. So, it’s no wonder that cleaning your home and working full-time isn’t always possible.

However, since you need to ensure a healthy, fresh, and enjoyable home for your family, you still need to deal with cleaning. Although you can always schedule regular house cleaning in Norman, OK with professionals, you still need to tackle a few chores on your own every once in a while. So, how can you make this possible? How can I keep my house clean if I work full time

How can I keep my house clean if I work full-time?

After a long, busy day at work, you can barely make yourself pick up a plate, let alone a mop. Yet, whether you have guests coming over, or you simply can’t postpone handling your housework anymore, cleaning is an essential part of everyday duties. 

Although it may be quite tiring to deal with getting the stains out of your kitchen sink, dusting, vacuuming, or treating mold under the carpets, there’s still a way to balance cleaning, a full-time job, and your personal life. The following tips can help you out: 

  • Get your family to chip in. If you encourage your family to help you with cleaning, you won’t spend too much energy and time tackling chores. 
  • Clean every day. If you postpone cleaning until the very last minute, your chores will pile up and then you’ll need hours to clean your home. It’s better to clean a little every day to control clutter and mess. 
  • Set up a schedule. It’s easier to make yourself clean if you turn it into a routine. And creating a schedule will help you achieve that. However, make sure to stick to it to make your cleaning easier.  
  • Stock up on supplies. You finally have time to clean when you realize you don’t have all the supplies needed, so you postpone it. To avoid this, stock up on effective, yet safe cleaning products so you’re always ready for a quick clean-up.
  • Clean and put away after use. Instead of letting your dishes pile up in the sink, make sure to wash them right after your meal and then put them away. This goes for all of the other items you use. 
  • Clear out the clutter. Your home will seem cleaner the moment you remove all the clutter. This will also make cleaning easier because there will be no misplaced items in your way. 

How can I clean my house in 2 hoursHow can I clean my house in 2 hours?

Whether you’re planning to visit the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art with your friends or have unexpected guests, cleaning your house in two hours is possible. Here’s how:

  • Play some music. This will get you going and help you get energized for cleaning. Choose something upbeat rather than downtempo. 
  • Create a checklist. List all the tasks you need to complete and then start tackling them one by one. This way, you’ll clean in a more organized manner and won’t forget something important.
  • Focus on visible areas. You don’t have to clean your entire home in two hours. Clean the most problematic areas and those rooms your guests will actually see. This typically includes the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and hallway. 
  • Clean one room at a time. And then move to the next one. This will keep you more organized and efficient.

Let house cleaning experts in Norman, OK take over

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