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Posted on September 3rd, 2019

A typical family spends a large amount of time on the couch watching the TV or eating together. Naturally, this often results in spills and stains, especially if you have a family with kids and pets. Because of this, every homeowner needs useful tips for cleaning and maintaining upholstered furniture

Fortunately, you can always rely on experienced house cleaners in Norman, OK to help you with your household cleaning. Not only will they give you amazing tips for decluttering your bedroom and keeping your room organized but they’ll also help you get rid of dust in your home with unmatched skill and precision.    

How do you clean fabric upholstery?

How you should care for your fabric upholstery will depend on its type since different kinds of fabric require different cleaning techniques. The best way to determine the most appropriate methods for cleaning your fabric upholstery is to read the care codes which can be found on the furniture label. Here’s what they mean: 

  • Code W: clean the fabric with water-based cleaning products and vacuum or brush it only when it’s dry. 
  • Code S: remove stains with mild solvents or dry-cleaning agents that don’t contain water. 
  • Code WS: clean your furniture with either water-based agents, mild solvents or upholstery shampoo.  
  • Code X: only vacuum or brush the fabric lightly or have it professionally cleaned. Avoid using chemicals on this type of fabric.

What is the best way to clean a fabric sofa?

Having a pristine fabric sofa is a dream of any homeowner. Unfortunately, keeping your new couch clean isn’t as easy as it may seem. With these tips, however, you’ll make sure your sofa is spotless every day of the week: 

  • If you’ve just purchased your sofa, it’s a great idea to apply some fabric-protecting finish to keep the stains out.  
  • Check the cleaning codes on your sofa and clean it only with appropriate eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Blot any spills and stains immediately with a soft cloth for the best results. Just make sure not to rub and spread the stain. 
  • Approach different stains differently. Use baking soda for greasy stains, warm water and detergent for coffee, and sparkling water for wine spills! 
  • Remove crumbs, dirt, and dust by lightly brushing and vacuuming your fabric sofa regularly. 

How to clean upholstered chairs?

Cleaning upholstered chairs isn’t that different from cleaning your sofa. Most fabric chairs have care codes on the label that tell you which products to use for cleaning.

If your chairs can be cleaned with water-based products (W code), your first step should be to vacuum the fabric. Next, use a foaming water-based product to spot clean and rub the agent into the chair using a soft brush. Vacuum the fabric once more once it has dried completely.   

An upholstered chair with an S code should be cleaned with water-free dry-cleaning agents or mild solvents for lighter stains. You should also make an effort to vacuum the fabric regularly to stop dust from accumulating. In case of heavier staining, have the chair professionally cleaned. 

For chairs with a WS code, you can use either of the above-mentioned techniques for lighter stains. An X code chair, on the other hand, should only be vacuumed and brushed lightly without any liquid cleaning agents. 

If your chair upholstery is made from leather, you’re in luck! Keep the chairs looking fresh by regular vacuuming and wiping any spills and dirt with a soft cloth. If you need a more detailed clean, make sure to use cleaning agents that are appropriate for leather. 

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