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Posted on September 3rd, 2019

Fighting dust often seems like a neverending battle. If you dust all surfaces one day, you’ll most likely have to clean them again the very next day if you want to eliminate dust completely. So, how do you keep your home free of dust

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Why is my house so dusty all the time?

Finding a homeowner who doesn’t struggle with dust in their home is quite rare. Still, some homes do seem dustier than others, no matter how much time you spend cleaning. Why is that? 

Here are some possible reasons why: 

  • Your windows are always open. Most of the dust particles in your home actually come from outside, especially if your home is near roads or roadwork.  
  • You vacuum your carpets too often. Nothing traps dust better than carpets. Unless you have a quality HEPA filter, vacuuming will only make your dust problem worse.  
  • Your upholstery is made from synthetic materials. When compared with natural materials, synthetic fabrics attract a lot more dust. Vacuum regularly to keep it in check.  
  • You have a dirty AC filter. Your AC keeps dust from entering your home. Unless your filter is clogged, that is. Make sure to check and clean the filter at least once a month.  
  • You don’t use a wet cloth to remove dust. If you only dry-dust surfaces in your home, you’ll only move the dust particles around. Instead, try wet wiping and dry polishing afterward. 

What causes a lot of dust in your house?

Are there other reasons for dust build-up in your home? If you’re sure none of the mentioned culprits is to blame, the following may be the case: 

  • Your AC filters aren’t good enough. If you clean your air filters regularly and still don’t see a difference, you may have to purchase HVAC filters with a higher MERV rating. The higher the rating, the smaller the particles the filter can trap. 
  • Your air ducts are dusty or punctured. Dirty or damaged ductwork can spread dust throughout your house. Clean, repair or replace your ducts if you want to make sure no dirty air from dusty places in your home ends up in your living room. 

How do you eliminate dust?

No matter what the cause of dust may be, you need to know how to rid your home of it successfully if you want to make sure the air is fresh and allergen-free. Here’s how you can keep the dust at bay: 

  • Keep your closets clean: fibers from stored clothing shed a lot. Keep your clothes tidy and store them in boxes, bags or plastic containers. 
  • Change your linens regularly: to prevent dust mites from infesting your bedding, you should wash all sheets and pillows at least once a week. 
  • Maintain clutter-free floors: dust can easily accumulate on items that pile up on your floors. Move all clutter out of the way for easier cleaning and less dust. 
  • Say goodbye to rugs: there’s no place dust loves more than your carpets. No matter how beautiful they are, getting rid of your carpets is the best way to keep dust in check. 
  • Use a damp clean cloth: dry-dusting is far from the most effective way to remove dust. Instead, try wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth or towel.  
  • Clean your home top-to-bottom: when cleaning your house, make sure to get to the highest places first and clean up the dust that ended up on the floors as the final step.  

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