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Posted on July 4th, 2020

Toilet cleaning is a task we typically dread, but the consequences of not cleaning your toilet regularly are even scarier than the job itself. According to research conducted by Cleaner Home, the average toilet contains 125.55 units of bacteria per square inch, and this bacterial film may contain dangerous pathogens like E. coli. Without frequent, thorough cleaning, the bacteria in toilets can multiply rapidly and spread to nearby surfaces. Disinfecting your home and especially your toilet is not an easy task, but it is essential in the maintenance of your home.

Likewise, it’s important to realize that automatic toilet cleaner tablets aren’t enough to get the job done on their own. Though drop-in and clip-on tablets help keep your toilet bowl hygienic in between cleanings, there’s no escaping the fact that toilets need manual deep cleaning at least once per week. Toilet bowls and seats have many hard-to-reach crevices that automatic cleaners simply can’t touch.

If you’d prefer to relax you can also get the help of qualified cleaning professionals in Norman, Oklahoma. You can also take care of it yourself by looking at our recommendations for the best ways to get (and keep) your toilet clean, with a minimum of hands-on contact.

Remove all of the items on and around your toilet.

Creating a clutter-free area around your toilet will make cleaning easier, and it will prevent items from falling into the toilet while you work. Before you start scrubbing, place items you normally store on or near your toilet in a basket on the counter.

Use a toilet wand to clean the inside of your toilet bowl.

Conventional bristle toilet brushes make the job of toilet cleaning more onerous by splashing toilet water around during cleaning. (Yuck!) Toilet wands, on the other hand, come with replaceable sponge heads that you snap onto the wand before each cleaning job. These heads come pre-loaded with a disinfectant cleaner, so all you have to do is swish the sponge around the toilet bowl and rim gently, then rinse. When you’re done, just dispose of the used head in the trash and clean the wand.

Pay special attention to the space under the rim and the toilet’s rim jets.

Another important reason to use a toilet wand rather than a bristle brush is the fact that toilet wands have swivel heads designed to reach the space under the rim of the toilet bowl. Before you dispose of the toilet wand’s head, make sure you scrub thoroughly under the rim, and take the time to individually clean each rim jet. (These are the small nozzles under the toilet rim that supply the bowl with water.) You’ll know your toilet’s jets are in need of cleaning if your toilet bowl quickly develops dark vertical streaks in between cleanings.

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Sometimes, these dark streaks are caused by rim jets that are not merely dirty, but actually clogged with mineral buildup. If routine cleaning isn’t keeping stains at bay, or your toilet isn’t flushing properly, take a thin wire and loosen the mineral buildup inside the jets (while being careful not to scratch the bowl). Then, use a stiff bristled brush and toilet cleaning solution to scrub away remaining debris.

For very stubborn toilet bowl stains, you may need to mix powdered bleach with the water in your toilet bowl and let it sit for two hours prior to flushing. Note, however, that it’s essential to flush and wipe away cleaning product residues before you do this, as bleach can create dangerous fumes when it comes into contact with certain household cleaners.

Use a toothbrush to clean your toilet’s attachments.

Once you’ve cleaned the inside of your toilet, it’s time to clean your toilet’s attachments (the cover and seat). Because these attachments contain a number of hard-to-reach areas, it’s a good idea to use an old toothbrush coated with a disinfectant cleaner for this job. Use the toothbrush to scrub out the grooves below the seat and the spaces around the screws at the back of the toilet seat. Don’t forget to lift the screw covers up and clean below them, too. When you’re finished, dip a cloth in a solution of one-part warm water to one-part white vinegar and wipe both the seat and the cover down completely.

Every six months, you should unscrew and remove your toilet’s attachments in order to clean the area below the screws. Even if your toilet seat looks very securely attached, grime can gradually seep into this space.

Wipe down the outside of your toilet.

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Wiping down the exterior of your toilet last will prevent streaks and ensure that any bacteria you displaced during cleaning (e.g., by accidentally splashing toilet water outside of the bowl) gets removed. To clean the outside of your toilet, run disinfectant wipes across its entire surface, starting with the top of the toilet and working down to the base. Then, wipe down the floor around the toilet and the wall behind it; these areas can become contaminated with bacteria during flushing. (To limit bacterial spread in your bathroom, always flush your toilet with the lid closed. Water droplets contaminated with bacteria can travel up to six feet away from the toilet during open-lid flushing!)

To give your toilet a brilliant sheen and wipe away detergent residues, dip a microfiber cloth in vinegar-water solution and gently buff the outside of the toilet, working in small circles. The end result of your deep cleaning should be a toilet that smells fresh and looks brand-new again.

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Some people never get used to cleaning toilets, no matter which cleaning methods they use. If you’re struggling to keep your bathroom clean on a consistent basis, it’s better to call in the professionals than risk the possibility of illness due to bacterial buildup. Our team of reliable, affordable maids can help you keep your bathroom sparkling clean, without breaking the bank. Simply contact us and let us know what kind of cleaning services you require and instead spend your day relaxing in Adkins Crossing Park.