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Posted on August 5th, 2020

Bed-making is in danger of becoming a lost art: Though 81% of Americans over the age of 55 make their beds at least semi-regularly, 67% of adults under age 34 report making their beds only on rare occasions – if ever. For busy students and young professionals, letting this habit slide appears to make sense. After all, why tidy up your bed when you’ll just have to undo your hard work at bedtime? Besides, unlike failing to clean your toilet properly, not making the bed isn’t a serious hygiene issue.

As it turns out, daily bed-making is far more beneficial than you might think: Emerging research shows that regular bed-makers enjoy enhanced overall well-being, with 71% of bed-makers reporting high levels of life satisfaction. By contrast, a shocking 66% of those who don’t make their beds regularly report being unhappy with their lives. People who make their beds each day are also more likely to enjoy their jobs, exercise often, own a home, and sleep soundly at night. Though researchers don’t know if bed-making alone confers these advantages, it probably plays a role. When you make your bed first thing in the morning, you start each day with a sense of orderliness, accomplishment, and pride – emotions that stay with you throughout the day.

Of course, to enjoy these rewards, you’ll need to know the correct way to make a bed. Using improper techniques can leave you with frustrating lumps, creases, and uneven sheets, ruining the visual appeal of your bed. If you would rather have a cleaning expert make your bed for you get in touch with us today. In the guide below, we’ll walk you through how to make your bed perfectly, so you can easily take up this healthy habit:

5 Steps to a Beautifully Made Bed

Keep your bedding clean and organized.

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For sheets to lie flat, they need to be clean and unwrinkled when you lay them on your bed. Try to wash your sheets at least once a week as if left unwashed they can create a bad odor, and make sure you fold them neatly and store them in a linen closet until you’re ready to use them. (For best results, fold your sheets immediately after removing them from the dryer.) You can also iron your sheets before placing them on your bed to remove any remaining creases.

Start by adjusting your fitted sheet.

Fitted sheets often shift during the night, so you should always make sure your fitted sheet is firmly attached and symmetrical before you lay your flat sheet over it. Pull the elastic corners of the fitted sheet down over the corners of your mattress, starting with the upper corners before moving to the lower corners. To ensure a crease-free finish, pull the sheet tight before tucking the lower corners in place.

Lay your flat sheet down and tuck it in.

Flat sheets should be laid face-down on the bed, so the front side is visible when the sheet is pulled back. (This is especially important if you have printed sheets.) Unfold your flat sheet over the mattress, keeping the center of the sheet in the middle of your bed. Then, spread the sheet out before pulling up the upper hem so it aligns with the top edge of your mattress. Smooth out the lower half of the sheet, then check to make sure there’s an even amount of sheet draping over both sides of the bed. If one side is longer than the other, carefully tug the shorter side down until both edges are symmetrical. Brush the sheet down one last time to erase creases, then tuck it in. (Pay special attention to creating a tight fold at each of the bottom corners of the mattress; this will prevent lumpy-looking corners from forming after you arrange your blankets.)

Add your blankets.

During the winter, you’ll probably need to lay down an extra blanket (under your comforter) to keep you warm. If you’re using a blanket, arrange it so that there’s a pillow-length of space between the top of the blanket and the upper edge of the mattress. Then, make sure the blanket is spread out symmetrically before tucking it in, using the same technique you used with your flat sheet.

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Now, you’re ready to add your preferred topper: Lay your comforter, bedspread, or duvet evenly over your blanket, bringing its upper edge all the way to the top of the mattress. Don’t tuck your topper in; instead, pull the top edge down and fold the top of your sheet over it. This will make a space for your pillows.

Finish with your pillows.

Once your bed is made, fluff your pillows and arrange them above the upper fold of your sheet and topper.

For a nice final touch, place a few throw pillows on top of the pillows you use for sleeping. You can also fold a matching decorative blanket across the foot of your bed if you’re aiming for a truly flawless finish. However, these extra cosmetic steps aren’t strictly necessary, so feel free to skip them if you’re in a rush.

Let our professional cleaning service in Norman, OK help

If you still struggle to make your bed regularly after committing to the task and learning the techniques above, that’s probably a clear sign you’re feeling overwhelmed with the demands of your schedule. Rather than stressing about cleaning, why not give yourself a break and let us help you out? Our professional maids will make sure your bed is made perfectly every day, along with keeping the rest of your house spotless while you enjoy a fun day with the family at South Lakes Event Center.