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Posted on September 9th, 2020

Your home’s entryway is the first thing guests see when they arrive at your home. You want to make the first impression as good as it can be. You may also have a fabulous driveway, porch, and lawn area that you can incorporate.  Other times, you may be stuck with just a boring walkway due to your home’s location. However, no matter what you are given to work with, you can make your space warm and inviting for your family and when guests are visiting.

Clean the Space Regularly

If you are reading this article, we assume you clean often, but cleaning the entryway should regularly go beyond sweeping/mopping/vacuuming and dusting. You also need to deep clean and change things out regularly. Many home entryways have windows either surrounding or in the doors. These windows can be superb lighting for your space, but curtains, blinds, and other materials can fade quickly. If the entryway is also the main entryway for your immediate family, dust, dirt, and outdoor pollutants are also escorted across the threshold. High traffic areas naturally require more cleaning. Take down pictures to clean them and clean the walls behind them. Wash any cloth such as curtains weekly, if possible.

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Coat Hooks or Shoe Bins

If you do not want your guests wearing shoes in your home, be sure to have somewhere for them to keep them. Even a small shoe rack with a chalkboard sign saying ‘shoes’ is helpful. Guests will feel that you are prepared for them. Likewise, having a free coat rack or space for guest coats will ensure that they know where they can place their things. You do not need a lot of space to do this. A simple set of hooks above the shoe rack can solve both problems. Umbrella bins and a trash bin may also be advantageous for guests visiting your home.

Mirrors and Photos

Hanging mirrors and artwork in this area can be fantastic for guests and your family alike. Guests to your home may want to check their reflection before leaving, sure, but you will also be able to take one last look before leaving home in case you need to change your shirt, adjust your hair, or reapply lipstick. Photos of your family are great, but you can also include a piece of artwork that you may love but that does not fit in with the rest of the house. This might be a great place to put it. You can make this a unique area of your home since it does not necessarily have to be connected to other rooms. However, you do not want anything too off-putting or unusual in this space.


A cluttered entryway can give your guests the wrong impression. It makes your home appear cluttered overall, and people may have a negative opinion from the beginning. Since people often hold that first impression, they will have a negative view of you or your family. Keep the area as clutter-free as possible, removing things that shouldn’t be there such as children’s toys,  school bags, or even random items of clothing that needs to be organized.

Be Bold!

Use bold colors and styles in your entryway. Frequently, this is the brightest area in your home, and bold colors and styles look fantastic with the lighting. You can also showcase your style. Like the previous tip, you do not want to go overboard since it is your first impression, but creating a space that tells guests who you are in one moment can be fun and fabulous.

Use the Entire Space

Wallpaper or patterned ceiling tiles and paint, accompanied by beautiful rugs can make an entryway look complete. Using every inch of space to your advantage gives you the chance to show off your style. Be sure that these additions are easy to keep clean or do not dirty easily. Rugs should be easily cleaned and keep your floors clean as well. You will be wiping dirty feet on these rugs, so you do not want them to wear out or stain too easily. Paint the walls in fresh new patterns, or use a color that sets the theme for the whole house. Make sure that each of the surfaces ties together nicely. Too many prints, styles, or patterns may make the space too busy.

Don’t Forget the Porch or Stoop

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If you have a fabulous porch, do not forget to include it. A lovely outdoor rug (one inside and one outside is a great combo), swept stairs or porch, and a container garden can make the dreariest city steps feel more inviting. Make the most out of your space. If you live in an apartment, a wreath, or sign on your door, a small plant in the hallway or decorative rug can still be utilized. Of course, if there are sticky fingers in your building, this might be tougher.


Not every guest will be coming all the way into your home. Some will only be there to pick something up or meet someone. Offer a small bench or chair in your entryway, space permitting. This will allow people to have a seat whilst waiting so they do not have to come inside any further if they do not want to do so. It also allows guests a place to put their shoes on if you have requested that they remove them while visiting. Sitting on the floor to put on shoes is uncomfortable for guests.

Bottom Line

Make your space yours. Welcome guests into your home and let them know who you are during their first steps into your home. You do not have to spend a fortune, but you need to make sure that you take care of the space you have and make conscious choices for what to add and take away. You can keep personal items like coats and keys in those spaces, but minimize the clutter and maximize the fashion. How have you decorated your entryway? Does it showcase your personality, or is it strictly for form and function?