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Posted on January 24th, 2021

Dusting looks like it should be easy – but in reality, it’s among the most frustrating household chores we have to tackle regularly. Between dust’s ability to settle in hard-to-reach places and its tendency to become airborne as we clean, dusting can feel like a never-ending, muscle-straining struggle. Fortunately, while it isn’t possible to completely eradicate dust from your home, there are a number of simple, convenient techniques you can use to keep it under control.

In the guide below, we’ll share some of our favorite dusting tips to help you get the job done faster. Or, if you would rather skip this task completely, our professional maid services in Norman, OK can keep your home looking and smelling fresh for you.


7 Essential Dusting Tips from Our Professional Cleaners


  • Upgrade your duster, if necessary.


The traditional feather dusters we’re all used to seeing on TV aren’t always the best tool for the job. While 100% natural ostrich-down feather dusters have a unique structure that readily picks up dust, these dusters can be costly. As such, many people opt for cheaper synthetic or chicken feather models that merely push dust around – Or send it back into the air, where it can trigger allergy and asthma attacks. Feather dusters are also awkward to maneuver in tight and high-up spaces, making them a poor choice for seniors and short individuals.


To reduce the amount of time you spend dusting, we recommend purchasing a set of microfiber cloths and a microfiber duster with an extendable, telescoping handle. Microfiber cloths contain a mix of positive-charged polyester fibers and negative-charged nylon fibers that attract and trap dirt particles while you work, resulting in a quick, thorough clean. When combined with a telescoping handle that makes reaching high cupboards and ceiling fans a breeze, microfiber is one of the most effective dust-fighting materials at our disposal.


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  • Use a dusting spray.


Dusting sprays speed up dusting by increasing the number of particles trapped with each pass of your cloth or duster. They also add an attractive shine to hard surfaces and leave a pleasant, fresh scent behind.


To reduce your cleaning expenses (and your use of chemicals), we recommend making your own dusting spray at home with simple, natural ingredients. In a spray bottle, combine one cup of distilled water with two teaspoons of castile soap and three drops of lemon essential oil. Lightly mist your microfiber cloth or duster with this solution and dust as you normally would. These gentle ingredients are safe for use on multiple hard surfaces, including glass and sealed wood.


  • Use a mop and broom to cover large areas.


To make dusting the walls and ceiling less tedious and time-consuming, ditch your duster and grab a broom and mop instead. Using your broom, start by gently brushing dust off the ceiling. Then, lightly moisten a flat head microfiber mop and wipe down the walls, working from top to bottom. When you’re done, vacuum the floors to remove fallen dust particles.

  • Make dusting ornaments easy with a paintbrush.


Cloths and dusters often leave dust particles lodged in the crevices of small, intricate ornaments. To get delicate items clean without damaging them, try adding a dab of all-natural dusting spray to a paintbrush, then use the paintbrush to gently dust off your ornaments.


  • Use a vacuum to quickly remove dust from fabric and upholstery.


vacuum floors

Without regular cleaning, a significant amount of dust can accumulate on curtains and upholstered furniture. To keep your indoor air fresh, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter to quickly remove this built-up dust before it becomes a problem.

After you dust your walls and ceilings (and just before you vacuum your floor), remove the pillows and cushions from your upholstered furniture. Then, using your vacuum’s upholstery attachment, vacuum your curtains and every part of your furniture, including the cushions. For the corners and edges of furniture, you may need to switch to using your vacuum’s crevice tool.

Finally, don’t forget to have your carpets and upholstered furniture deep cleaned at least once per year. Dust, dirt, and liquid stains get trapped in these materials over time, no matter how frequently you dust. As such, it’s important to treat carpets and upholstery with professional hot water extraction machines every six to nine months.


  • Don’t forget to vacuum out your vents.


Air vents often collect large amounts of dust, which gets deposited back into the air every time the furnace or air conditioning system kicks in. To stop this from happening, take the covers off your vents and vacuum them out as part of your weekly dusting routine.


  • Purchase an air purifier.


Though air purifiers can’t completely eliminate dust on their own, they’re a great way to cut down on how often you need to dust. Air purifiers constantly cycle indoor air through a HEPA filter to remove fine particles, including dust and allergens, so fewer particles end up deposited on surfaces in your home. Just remember to change your air purifier’s filter at least once every six months to maintain its dust-fighting power.


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