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Posted on September 30th, 2022

Home cleaning doesn’t only require patience and consistency but resourcefulness, too. This includes exploring different cleaning techniques or experimenting with unconventional things that can be used to replace store-bought or chemical-based cleaning products. Check out these interestingly weird home cleaning hacks approved by our very own OKC-based professional cleaners!

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are popular in many cleaning hacks, including:

  • Wiping off dust from window blinds and baseboards
  • Scrubbing clean burnt pots and pans
  • Getting rid of grease and grime from oven grills and racks
  • Cleaning crusty bottoms of flat irons
  • Stripping off soap scum from glass shower enclosures and bathtubs
  • Neutralizing nasty odors in bags, cars, shoes


Many cleaning experts swear by using soda (particularly Coca-Cola) when deep cleaning toilet bowls. Both are incredibly effective in melting away the gross ring-like stains. Pour your leftover soda into the yuckiest parts of your toilet bowl. Let it sit for at least an hour, scrub lightly using a brush cleaner, and flush away. You’ll see how surprisingly clean and white it’ll be after.


  • Fluffing up towels when used as a fabric conditioner substitute
  • Deep cleaning washing machine, dishwasher, and microwave
  • Removing hard water stains and mineral deposits in the shower or bathroom fixtures
  • Descaling coffee makers and tea kettles
  • Getting rid of food stains and unpleasant smells in food processors or blenders
  • Transforming cloudy into crystal clear wine glasses 


Beyond whipping up delicious sandwiches, you can also use mayonnaise in several cleaning hacks. According to The Kitchn, the oil in mayo makes it so effective in:

  • Erasing scuff marks and scratches on wooden floors
  • Removing sticky residue from adhesives and packaging
  • Cleaning minor paint splatters on tiles, doorknobs, or light switches 


Who knew toothpaste had other purposes aside from cleaning your teeth? It can also be used in:

  • Deep cleaning linoleum floor tiles
  • Cleaning tarnishes and polishing silverware
  • Degreasing glass stove tops
  • Stripping soap scum and hard water stains on chrome water fixtures
  • Cleaning and whitening white sneakers

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