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Posted on September 2nd, 2022

Quartz countertops are all the rage these days, which is no surprise considering their benefits go beyond being incredibly beautiful and elevating the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Despite their delicate looks, quartz countertops are the queen of low maintenance. Trust us, cleaning and maintenance is easy peasy for this one.

If you’ve moved into a new home or rental and hesitate cooking because you’re clueless about how to clean quartz countertops, don’t worry; it’s super straightforward. Check out the rest of this article to score expert cleaning tips from our professional house cleaners in Norman.

Keep It Simple — Clean Daily

We hate to sound like a broken record here, but most countertops do not require fancy cleaning solutions — dish soap, warm water, and a microfiber cloth, and you’re good to go! The secret to keeping it in pristine condition is to act quickly and proactively. Spilled something? Don’t panic. Just wipe immediately, don’t let it stand for too long, and it won’t leave a stain.

Don’t Use Abrasive Cleaners 

Quartz countertops are stain-resistant, but they’re not scratch resistant. So skip harsh cleaning agents and tough-bristled brushes or sponges that may leave marks and scars on the surface. Instead, our house cleaners recommend working with soft sponges or microfiber cloths in a circular motion. 

Things You Should Never Ever Use to Clean Your Quartz Countertops

Despite its fuss-free nature, experts at Architectural Digest discourage using bleach-based cleaners or those with high Ph or too acidic that may cause discoloration or irreversible damage to your natural quartz countertops. 

Here’s a list of cleaning agents to never use for quartz or other stone countertops.

  • Clorox 
  • Windex
  • Bleach
  • Oven degreaser
  • Scouring pads
  • White vinegar or lemon juice — do not use them to clean quartz countertops because it’s acidic and can make them fade or disintegrate.

How to Remove Stubborn Stains on Quartz Countertops 

For difficult stains that won’t budge with dish soap, they suggest using diluting a bit of rubbing alcohol in warm water. This combo can safely and effectively lift or melt the stains without causing any damage to your quartz countertops.

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