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Posted on October 25th, 2022

Clutter often translates to chaos.  Your life can be negatively impacted when your home is disorganized and cluttered with excess stuff you haven’t used in a long time (and will probably never use in the future). It’s easy to feel discouraged about cleaning, sluggish about moving your body, stressed and anxious about almost anything, and clueless about pursuing the things you want and making you truly happy with your life.

You’ll find so many articles online about the art of decluttering. Still, some people find it hard to start the process. Sometimes you got to find the right reasons to convince and motivate yourself to declutter your home. So in this article, we share the incredible benefits of decluttering your home to inspire you to get started and explain how booking a home cleaning service in OKC can make this journey easier.

Benefits of Decluttering  

1. Less stress and anxiety 

According to an article on Clutter Culture by UCLA, exposure to clutter has been associated with increased cortisol levels which trigger excessive stress and anxiety. In addition, there’s a nagging feeling that you have unfinished business that keeps you from relaxing properly at home. Mothers, in particular, were stressed when they talked about the state of their homes. 

2. More harmonious relationships

Living in a cluttered house can cause conflicts and tension among housemates. It’s often because of the constant stress of the mess and the irritation of seeing others make it worse by not cleaning up after themselves or leaving random stuff anywhere they please. Decluttering and organizing your home puts everyone in better spirits.

3. Better concentration 

A cluttered and disorganized space makes it difficult for you to find what you need or focus on the task at hand. The visual clutter confuses you about whether you have to clean up first or start working on a task.

4. Improved sense of self and self-esteem

Most people consider themselves failures when their house is in disarray and cluttered. They feel embarrassed about being unable to take control of the mess and fear the judgment of family and friends. One of the biggest benefits of decluttering is the immense sense of accomplishment afterward that boosts a person’s self-esteem.

5. Lower risks of asthma and allergy attacks

Decluttering reduces the risk of your home becoming a breeding ground for pests, mold, and mildew and makes it easier to effectively clean for dust and pet dander — all of which are notorious for causing asthma, allergies, and other respiratory illnesses.

6. Better sleep at night

When your room is prepped to be conducive for a restful sleep, it’s quicker to slow down, soothe yourself, and drift off to dreamland. This means total darkness or dim lights, cold temp, comfy sheets, and getting rid of anything that can cause distraction — including clutter. A clean and cozy room is definitely a huge factor to focus on if you want to improve your sleep quality. 

Amplify the Benefits of Decluttering with Our Premium Home Cleaning Services in OKC

Maintain the benefits of decluttering with a professional home cleaning service to:

  • Inspire yourself not to accumulate clutter anymore
  • Extend the time your house is clean and clutter-free
  • Effectively get rid of dust and debris left off after decluttering 
  • Brighten walls and shelves that used to be covered in clutter
  • Make you feel mentally and emotionally even better about decluttering 

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