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Posted on January 11th, 2024

Everyone loves parties. Tell friends and family you’re hosting one, and they’ll quickly pitch in with the planning or decorating, but rarely, if ever, with post-party cleaning. Why? Because, let’s be honest, tidying up and tackling the aftermath of an epic Christmas or year-end bash can be such a bummer. 

Picture this: your whole house is in disarray, with ribbons, gift wrappings, and whatnot scattered on the floor. Your immaculate curtains, carpets, and couch now resemble a Jackson Pollock masterpiece of eggnog and cranberry sauce stains. Your kitchen sink overflows with dirty dishes, greasy pots, and pans from all the cooking. It’s enough to make you wish you’d opted for a quiet night in with cup of hot cocoa and a good book (and zero cleanup).

But hey, before you enumerate the reasons why you hate cleaning and declare yourself the Grinch of Christmas, remember that the chaos is a testament that you and your guests had an incredible time. Every rogue cracker crumb and sticky puddle of spilled punch tells a story of laughter, shared stories, and heartwarming moments. So, please before the regrets come in, go ahead and take a deep breath. Put on your cleaning gloves (and maybe a festive apron for good measure), and let’s tackle this post-party battlefield together. 

In this blog, we list five of the worst things you can ever encounter when cleaning up after a holiday party and how to deal with them using expert tips from our best cleaners in Oklahoma. Let’s delve right in!

Number 5: The Glitter Trail of Doom

It’s festive, sparkly, and the bane of every vacuum cleaner’s existence: glitter. This omnipresent party confetti seems to defy the laws of physics, clinging to carpets, furniture, and unsuspecting partygoers long after the last carol has been sung. Here are some surefire ways to clean glitter from every crevice.

  • Wipe glittered surfaces with a wet paper towel or disinfecting wipes. Sweep everything in one direction and then collect using a narrow-mouthed vacuum extension.
  • Get a lint roller and use its stickiness to get any stubborn glitter clinging to the couch, carpet, or clothes.

Number 4: Sticky Spilled Drinks

Eggnog, mulled wine, beer, spiked punch – the holidays are practically swimming in sugary libations. Unfortunately, these festive beverages have a nasty habit of leaving behind sticky and stained disasters. From forgotten coasters on the coffee table to mysterious brown stains on the carpet, be prepared to arm yourself with sponges, stain removers, and a lot of elbow grease. Just remember, the quicker you tackle these spills, the less likely they are to become permanent residents.

Check out this step-by-step guide on how to clean spills and stains from our OKC cleaning partners.

  • Coaster stains – Remove ring marks left by hot or wet drinks on wooden tables using mild abrasives like baking soda paste (mixed with water), gel toothpaste, or multipurpose dirt and stain remover like WipeOut. Buff gently using a soft cotton cloth until it’s no longer visible.
  • Red wine stains– If it’s on the couch, carpet, or other upholstery, activate the stain by spraying it with warm, soapy water. Then dab with equal parts vinegar and water and then blot dry. Repeat the steps if needed until the stain disappears completely. 

Number 3: Crusty Crumbs from Cheese and Crackers

Cheese platters may be a holiday staple, but the aftermath can be a cheesy nightmare. Sure, you ditched cooking another dish with this genius idea. But here’s the ugly side: the crumbs become embedded in the couch cushions, rogue grapes roll under the fridge, and that mysterious blue blob on the carpet might be remnants of your infamous stilton. 

Pro house cleaning tip:vacuum these nasty crumbs out using a crevice tool. If your couch has removable and washable cushions, lucky you, go ahead and throw them in the washing machine. On the other hand, if your upholstered fabric sofa stinks, you can try these couch cleaning hacks:

  • Use a dry and wet vacuum cleaner for next-level deep cleaning of your couch.
  • Or sprinkle baking soda liberally on the surface. Leave it for a few minutes to absorb the odors. Vacuum rigorously, and voila, you’ve quickly refreshed your couch like a pro. You can do it to your carpets, too.

Number 2: The Tinsel Terror

Tinsel may add a touch of sparkle to your tree, but it quickly transforms into a prickly, static-charged menace once the holidays are over. This festive hairball gets tangled in everything from furniture legs to unsuspecting pets, leaving you with the unenviable task of untangling it. Invest in a good pair of tweezers and lots of patience because this is a battle you won’t win easily. To prevent this from happening again, we recommend saving the cardboard cores or tubes of paper towels and using them to store your tinsel and Christmas lights minus the tangles.

Number 1: The Mount Washmore of Dirty Dishes

And the grand prize for the worst post-party cleanup goes to… the mountain of dirty dishes! Plates piled high, glasses stained with lipstick residue, and cutlery with crusted marinara sauce – a scene that could strike fear into the hearts of many who don’t have dishwashers at home. But fear not! Enlist the help of your fellow partygoers, crank up some festive tunes, and tackle this Everest of grime with teamwork and a healthy dose of dish soap. Remember, a spotless kitchen is a happy kitchen (and a clean kitchen means you can finally enjoy that leftover pie in peace).

Post-Party Mess? We Got You Covered!

So there you have it, the (dis)honorable list of the worst things to clean up after a Christmas party. At least the mess means you had a wonderful time, right? And remember, a little planning can go a long way. Next year, get disposable tablecloths, designated drink areas, and a booking of a professional house cleaning company to handle the post-party messes afterward.

Does your home need a quick refresh after the holiday mayhem? HappyCleans is here to help. Schedule a clean today!