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Posted on January 14th, 2020

Having an opportunity to host your dearest friends is wonderful, but at the same time, it can be extremely stressful. So, to avoid having a nervous breakdown, make sure to prepare for their stay in advance. Start by creating a to-do list and developing an efficient cleaning strategy to get your home in shape for their arrival.

However, if this is too overwhelming for you, considering everything you already have going on in the kitchen, hire the second-to-none house cleaning providers. You’ll finally be able to sit down and relax instead of turning this enjoyable experience into a  real nightmare. It’s time to research house cleaners in Piedmont and the area and go with those who are ready to come to your address immediately and give your home a lasting appeal.

How do I get my house ready for guests?How do I get my house ready for guests

Instead of getting into a cleaning frenzy and trying to clean all those hard-to-reach places that you haven’t touched in months, set your priorities straight and be pragmatic. You should focus on the areas that your guests will actually pay attention to.

For instance, changing sheets in your guest bedroom makes perfect sense, but spending hours cleaning your master bedroom is pointless. Unless you plan to give your guests a tour of the entire residence, they probably won’t step a foot in there.

The same goes for your basement and the attic. We don’t say that you shouldn’t keep them regularly maintained, but now is not the best time to give your home a deep-clean. Let’s single out the areas you should focus on prior to your guests’ arrival.

What to clean before your guests arrive?

Figure out where your guests will spend most of the time and do these rooms first. Here is the ultimate must-clean list for you to take a look at:

  • Mop the floors. The last thing you want is your guests to have to struggle to avoid sticky smudges and crumbs lying all over your kitchen floor. What’s more, if they see that your kitchen is so poorly maintained, they will start questioning your general hygiene and wish they could eat in a restaurant instead.
  • Clean the bathroom. You will probably agree that there is nothing more disgusting than having to use a dirty toilet and wash your hands in a smudgy sink. So, make sure to wipe them down, as well as tackle all other frequently used bathroom surfaces like towel racks, blinds, shelves, vanity area, and similar. Make your guests feel at home.
  • Clear off your kitchen table. Kitchen tables are often used for everything but eating. You may have it covered in papers and files or use it to display your colorful potted flowers. However, before your guests arrive, you should declutter it, especially if you want to keep your home clean during a welcome party and make a great first impression.
  • Get rid of odors. Your home may look spotless, but it still smells kind of funny. The culprits behind these unpleasant odors are probably your pets. So, once your cleaning job is done, use a scented candle or an air freshener to add a breath of fresh air to every room.

How to clean quickly for unexpected guests?

Sometimes our guests love to surprise us and give us short notice. Instead of panicking, you should gather your thoughts and focus on surface-level cleaning tasks.

  • Throw out the trash so that your home doesn’t look too messy.
  • Grab any dirty dishes lying around and turn on your dishwasher.
  • Spend at least several minutes in your bathroom, but prioritize. While cleaning the bathtub is too time-consuming, changing the towels and wiping down your vanity are quick tricks to make your bathroom look more presentable.
  • Vacuum the living room carpet. This shouldn’t take too long and you’ll ensure that your guests do not get an allergy attack caused by dust mites, dirt and other harmful allergens hidden in the carpet.

Where to find the most trustworthy house cleaners in Piedmont and the nearby area?How to clean quickly for unexpected guests

HappyCleans of Oklahoma City is a preferred choice of Piedmont residents and wider. Our unparalleled professionalism sets us apart from the others. What’s more, we only work with extensively trained and background checked cleaners who will always make their best effort to meet and exceed your expectations. And, if you come down with the flu, we will be there for you to germ-proof your home and disinfect it after the sickness.

If you feel more comfortable having the same maid sent to your home, we will do our best to arrange it. Our business also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the job done, we will send you another cleaner and reimburse you all the costs. You can finally have enough time to plan an exciting trip with your guests to the delightful Myriad Botanical Gardens, and let us do the rest!