Most Common Things That Turn Off House Guests

Posted on April 11th, 2024

Love or hate them, you’ll have guests at your house at some point. If you’re lucky, you’ll have the luxury of time to prepare by doing a deep clean and some decorating, perhaps when you invite them yourself to a party or an intimate dinner. On the flip side, there are also those nerve-wracking moments when friends or family members appear unannounced at your doorstep.

Cleaning your home for others can be daunting, whether you’re pressed for time or pressured to impress them but don’t know how or where to begin. In this article, we share some things that guests first notice and potentially gross them out when they visit other people’s houses — plus helpful cleaning tips from our expert cleaners in Indianapolis if you want to be proactive and prep your home for these random pop-ins.

The Unkempt Bathroom

Make it a priority to clean your bathroom when you have visitors, regardless of whether you only have their company for a few hours or days. Check for grime around the showerhead, a ring around the toilet, wet and muddy footprints on the floor, and anything that signals a general sense of neglect. Do this if you only have 10 minutes to straighten your bathroom.

  • Bring a laundry basket and collect all your dirty clothes.
  • Wipe all surfaces with disinfecting wipes, including sink, faucet, countertops, toilet seats, and glass shower enclosures.
  • Spray the toilet and showerhead with an all-purpose cleaner or an eco-friendly vinegar and water solution. Leave it for at least five minutes and then rinse. 
  • Clean the bathroom floors first with a wet mop, followed by a dry one afterward.
  • Remove damp and used hand towels and replace them with fresh ones. Always have a ready stash of guests-only towels inside your bathroom cabinet if possible.
  • Replace soiled and stinky bathroom rugs with clean ones. 
  • Replenish toiletries, such as hand soap, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper. 

The Stinky Kitchen

When you’re hosting dinner at home, inevitably, well-meaning guests may sometimes wander into the kitchen to perhaps lend a hand. Unfortunately, despite having the best intentions, this can be a source of stress and anxiety, especially if you’re the type that’s self-conscious about your cooking skills or how the overall state of your kitchen appears in other people’s eyes. 

In an article by BestLife, design experts reveal that one of the first things guests typically notice when they step into anyone’s kitchen is how it smells. If it’s filled with the delicious aroma of whatever you’re cooking for dinner, you have nothing to worry about because it’s understandable and something they’ll appreciate. Getting a whiff of whatever’s baking or simmering in there will only stir their appetite and make them look forward more to when dinner’s finally ready. 

On the contrary, it’s a different story if your kitchen reeks of foul odor from, let’s say, rotting food in your trash can or your sink’s garbage disposal. Freshen up your kitchen with these easy home cleaning hacks:

  • Take out your garbage before your guests arrive. 
  • Clean your sink’s garbage disposal — it’s super easy! Read our guide here.
  • Wipe your countertops with lemon-scented disinfecting wipes or cleaning spray.
  • Set up and boil a small pot filled with water and lemon slices to neutralize your kitchen’s smell.
  • Brew a pot of fresh coffee. It’s another effortless trick to make your kitchen smell amazing almost instantly! Plus, it’s practical, too, because you have something to offer when your guests arrive.

Mountain of Unwashed Dishes

You know how sometimes you intentionally let dishes pile until the end of the day so you can load them up in one go in the dishwasher to save time, water, and energy? Not all people get this, with some being sticklers for immediately washing dirty dishes, specifically those with the luxury of time. Ideally, when you don’t want surprise visitors to see your overflowing sink, you can stack them in your dishwasher. You can run it right away or wait until you have enough for a full load. However, if you do not have a dishwasher at home, you can also sneakily cover them with an over-the-sink-chopping board. 

The Funky Stains and Smells on Furniture

Food stains, pet hair, and dust bunnies can transform even the most stylish furniture into a disgusting hotbed for germs and allergens that eagle-eyed guests will absolutely notice. Here are some clever tricks and cleaning tips that can help you out of this sticky situation.

  • Use a freshly laundered throw blanket to quickly mask unsightly stains and smells on your couch. Jazz it up with clean and stylish decorative pillows, too.
  • Turn off bright fluorescent lights and opt for ambient lighting using lamps and candles instead. No one would suspect anything. Tell them you want to set the mood and create a relaxing ambiance. 
  • Wash your throw pillows and furniture covers regularly. Always have a spare set ready for emergency refresh or when you’ve got guests coming over.
  • Make it a habit to vacuum upholstery during your weekly house cleaning routine, paying close attention to crevices and seams. 
  • Invest in lint rollers for quick touch-ups.
  • If you’ve got time to spare, sprinkle baking soda on your couch cushions to help eliminate unpleasant smells and vacuum immediately after. 

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